Commissioning a Vance banjo

The first step in commissioning a banjo is to secure a spot in the waiting list by sending a deposit. Turn around time is 4-6 months from the date deposit is received.

  • Deposit = $500

Once the deposit is received, we will have begun communicating and discussing details of type of banjo, rim size and any additions and inlays if desired in the build. The wood will be chosen and parts laid out. Any parts not in inventory will be secured at this time as well. $300 of deposit is non-refundable if build is backed out on. Most of the basics of the build will be decided upon in the beginning, such as type of banjo and rims size. There will for sure be time throughout the building stages to make changes, and the client will be kept abreast of decisions needing to be made in the appropriate timing.

  • Second Payment = $1000 

When the instrument is ready to have the finish applied, a second payment invoice will be sent. At this point, the instrument is about 2-3 weeks out to completion.

  • Remaining balance

The remaining balance is the amount left of total cost after deposit and second payment. This remaining balance due invoice will be sent about a week before the instrument is ready to ship out to client.

  • Shipment

Once the remaining balance due is received and deposited, the instrument is packed and shipped. It will go out of the shop by UPS ground unless an expedited faster shipment is desired by client.  Client pays the extra cost of an expedited shipment.  Shipping within the US or internationally is always different depending on the location, so an individual shipping quote will be sent for a shipment.

  • Payment methods

Payment methods include cash, check, or credit card through Square. Paypal may be used, however the use fee percentage is covered by client.

Having three payments throughout the build can be looked at as a payment plan of sorts over the turn around time, as apposed to a deposit and a lump sum at completion. 

Full payment up front is not accepted. For a small business, this is just too much liability if client backs out of build. 

  • Warranty

Lifetime warranty to original owner. If the instrument is transferred by any means to another owner, the warranty expires. Any defects due to defective materials or craftsmanship are covered and will be repaired by Vance banjos solely. Any alterations by a repair person or unauthorized individual to the original state that the instrument arrived to original owner in will void warranty. Normal wear and tear on the head, frets, finish, or accidental damage are not covered under this warranty.  Shipping to and from the shop for any repairs whether under or not under warranty are covered by the owner.


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