Pricing Breakdown 

for commissioned instruments

Pricing begins with a BASE PRICE for the type and size of instrument desired. 

If no additions are added, this is the price you can expect which includes all the great features that come with the BASE PRICE of given instrument.

 Base prices

and instrument types

  • 11" open-back banjo_____________________$2600
  • 12" open-back banjo__________________$2650
  • 11" Resonator banjo (Bluegrass)_____________ $3200
  • 8" Ukulele banjo  _____________________$1500
  • Tenor banjo (17-fret, 11")__________________$2400 
  • Plectrum banjo (11")___________________$2450
  • Mandolin banjo (11")_____________________$2500
  • Retrofitted neck on existing rim___________$1800

Standard features included in Base Price

  • Hardshell case for standard sized instruments
  • Choice of base woods and most trim woods (some add cost)
  • High quality Gotoh or appropriate geared tuners
  • Renaissance, Fyberskyn or White frosted
  • Tonewood integral Tonering
  • Wood integral Armrest (matching with trim wood)
  • Tunneled 5th string for 5 strings (no more hole in side of neck for tuner, all 5 on peghead. This makes for better more solid construction method.)
  • Magnetic truss rod cover (no screws into peghead)
  • Shell side dots (either Abalone or Mother of Pearl)
  • VB Wooden coordinator rod
  • No-knot style tailpiece
  • 18 brackets on 11" rims
  • 20 brackets on 12" rims
  • Lifetime warranty (see warranty at bottom of commissioning page)

Additional features 

add these to your chosen Base price for total

  • Custom inlay (price may vary from initial quote at completion) Minimum and beginning at_____$250  
  • Standard inlay patterns by VB______$1oo
  • Wood binding (Neck and rim)_____$275
  • Ivoroid, Black or tortoise binding (neck and rim)____$150
  • Staining__________$50
  • Slotted peghead _______$300
  • Slotted 5th string___________$175
  • Wood No-knot style tailpiece_____$125
  • Peghead backstop veneer______$175
  • Heel carving (VB designs)_______$200
  • Pancake resonator (VB design)_____$300
  • Black lacquer finish______________$250
  • Scooped fingerboard (where neck meets rim)__$60
  • Alternate scale (A-scale, etc)______$100
  • Skin head (Stretched in house with square brass flesh-hoop)______$100
  • Various traditional non-VB peghead shapes (which require much hand shaping)___$75

Tonering additions

  • Rolled Brass basic tonering (these sound GREAT)____$65
  • Whyte Laydie_____$250
  • Tubaphone_________$250
  • Dobson_________$200


If you are not inclined toward a custom, please look in the FOR SALE page for available banjos.